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Medigap Plan G Explained: Coverage and Cost Details You Need to Know
Medigap Plan G is one of several comprehensive supplement insurance plans to help with uncovered costs not paid by Medicare. This plan is usually purchased when you sign up for Medicare Part A and B coverage. There are other supplement plans providing similar coverage for those with Medicare plans. This supplement plan provides an option that allows beneficiaries to save throughout the year on medical costs when they satisfy their deductible. This plan is commonly compared to other supplement plans including Medigap Plan F.
What Medigap Plan G Covers
This plan is similar to Plan F except it does not pay the deductible in Part B coverage. Plan G helps cover coinsurance, out-of-pocket costs, excess charges and copayments. Services that Plan G pays in full includes Part A deductible, Part A copayment and coinsurance for hospice care, Part B copayment or coinsurance, Part B preventative care coinsurance, Part B excess, and the first three pints of blood. Foreign travel insurance is also available up to specified policy limit.
Plan G also covers hospital costs and coinsurance for a year (365 days) after Medicare exhausts payments. This plan along with Plan F is the only supplement insurance options to cover all excess expenses up to 100 percent. The excess payment is often the responsibility of the patient; these costs are passed to the patient when Medicare is not accepted as a form of payment for services.
Plan G Supplement Option and Availablity
The premium payment for Medigap Plan G may be higher than other supplement options. This can be a good thing for some people as the plan itself helps pay more of what Medicare doesn’t cover. The premium payment for the plan may be higher, but the plan itself is standardize. This means other companies offering this coverage have to keep terms similar in nature according to federal regulations. The insurer sets the rate you pay but it should be about the same as other companies due to standardizing.
Upon satisfying your deductible you pay 20 percent of costs for supplies and services for Part B. Part B has a premium payment paid monthly that is separate from the premium paid with Plan G. The Plan G policy can be obtained in your home state but rates may differ depending on company. Some states may not have this supplement insurance plan available as they are under no obligation to offer it. To learn more about this plan you can contact a licensed insurance agent or contact Medicare for more information.
There is detailed information you can review about other supplement insurance plans to help you make an informed decision. It is recommended to sign up for supplement insurance when signing up for Medicare Part A and B. Most cases you are required to have Part A and B coverage before you can enroll. When comparing supplement plans pay close attention to services and costs they cover.



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